The Joint Lobby

סיור וירטואלי
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סיור וירטואלי

Love to spend time together?

The lobby at Villar Estate enables you to enjoy a shared area with:

An indulgent seating arrangement for viewing a large screen, suitable for a large and extended family.

Dining area – A large table suited for 10+ diners, where you can enjoy the chef’s creations, morning and evening.

Accessorized kitchen – The kitchen is available to you 24/7, including: service and cooking dishes, a refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, toaster, gas range, hot plate, water heater and dishwasher.

The view from the inside and out

The lobby is located by the swimming pool and garden yard.  Through the glass doors, guests can see the Galilee view, the pool and outdoor seating areas.  The lobby’s outdoor area consists of other seating arrangements, covered by an outdoor pergola.

Special at Villar

Huge Screen
60 Inch
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