The Chef’s Meal

“We woke up hungry and our stomach is growling.”

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” (John Gunther).

Villar offers a chef’s breakfast, providing our guests a culinary experience in its own right.  A rich and indulgent Galilean breakfast, placing an emphasis on quality, fresh and outstanding ingredients.

In the winter, the meal is served in the lobby dining hall.  In the summer, guests can choose the outdoor balcony to enjoy the meal along with the birds chirping, the quiet and the fresh northern air with the Hermon, Golan and Cna’an Mountains in the background.

The breakfast consists of shakshouka, various vegetable omelets along with a cheese platter, fresh salad, breads baked on site, various homemade jams and other flavors.  Good coffee, flavored teas and freshly squeezed juice.

Now you can start the morning off at ease…

What about dinner?  We want to relax and not stand in the kitchen!!!
Rosh Pinna and the entire northern region offer a variety of quality restaurants of different flavors, some of which we recommend, and we will be happy to help you choose during your stay.  We even made it easier for our guests and we offer the restaurant information on our website.
Villar Estate offers chef dinners for family, social and holiday events or on any other day of the week, all prepared by leading chefs.  We provide our guests with the details relating to the chefs with whom they can discuss and put together their special dinner menu.
There is nothing like consulting with the chef and don’t forget to tell him that you are staying at Villar.
Now, after eating and drinking enough wine, you can go back to the suite…

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