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סיור וירטואלי
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סיור וירטואלי

Relax your body and take a deep breath, close your eyes… the indulgence now begins.

At Villar Estates, you do not have to leave your suite.  Our massage therapists will come to your suite and give you a single or double massage in an enchanted environment.  We have already prepared the slippers and robes for you, they will be waiting in your suite.  Candles, scents and soothing sounds used throughout the massage will provide you endless peace and enable you to tune out for a while and enjoy the dream.

The pampering experience can be continued in the spa Jacuzzi in the yard, where the warm and bubbling water waits to envelop your body, enriched with all that you need to relax along with a good bottle of wine and other treats.  When leaving the spa, you can relax in our seating areas overlooking the amazing northern landscape and enjoy the quiet.

All of these, along with the endless green and tall mountains, are all a person needs in order to fully enjoy his holiday and return to the real world satisfied and invigorated.

The various massages available to you:

Tissue massage – A deep body massage to release any strained muscles and reduce stress.

Swedish massage – Massage for the muscles, tendons and strips, intended to reduce stress.

Aromatherapy massage – Using a mixture of unique aromatic oils suited to the guest’s condition.

Bamboo massage – An ancient Malaysian form of massage using bamboo sticks to improve blood circulation.

Hot stone massage – Originally an Indian massage method for releasing tense and blocked regions, invigorating circulation and releasing toxins.

Head and face massage – Intended to relax the stress that accumulates in the head and facial muscles.

Back, head and neck massage – To reduce fatigue and stress.

Extremity massage – Focuses on the body’s extremities (hands, feet and head). The treatment works on energy channels and the nervous system in order to relax and release the entire body.

Holistic massage – To balance the body and soul, clear it of emotional stress and clear and drain toxins.

If you are also ready to set out on your dream vacation at the coddling Villar Estate, which also offers a private spa, make your reservations on the site today!

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