Pottery Workshop on Site

Vacationing at Villar Estate?  Looking for a powerful experience and your own original and exclusive creation?

A unique pottery workshop for couples, groups, families with children and even for company events and fun days.  Clay workshops – lovingly and patiently conducted by Inbar Raski at her studio on site.

During the 2-hour pottery workshop, the participants work with the potter’s wheel, experience sculpting and drawing on clay and, finally, you will be given the pieces that you created.

The workshop is suitable for children 5+ and is adapted to all levels.

Once the creative part is done and after drying the works using a special technique, you can take the pieces that you designed and give them to yourself or to someone special as a gift. Feel free to reveal your artistic side and enjoy an original and unforgettable experience.

See you at the workshop!!!

Want to be her works of art?  The Inbar Gallery is at the center of the restoration site.

After completing her special education and art therapy studies using pottery, Inbar decided to open a gallery of her own, where she could display her works, characterized by decorations and color play.  Her pieces are all hand made and can be  used for all purposes.  The dishes are durable and can be put in the dishwasher, oven and microwave oven.  So it is there - among Rosh Pinna’s ancient alleys against the backdrop of the Cna’an Mountains and Rosh Pinna Valley, deep within the restoration site – that you will find Inbar’s gallery.

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